Schedule an On-Site Course

The Writer’s Stylus Basic Course is available as a three and one-half day ON-SITE professional development event for an organization’s entire staff, or as a NETWORK course event for individuals and small groups to meet together in person, in one location.

ON-SITE FEE | $8,500

This fee includes registration for up to 30 participants and ALL instructor expenses. An additional fee applies for a group of more than 30 participants.

Each participant is required to have one course book (available from Make Way for Books) and one copy of the book, The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain and read Chapters 1-6 prior to the first day of the course. The book is available from Make Way for Books, Clerestory Press, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon (Kindle version also available at Amazon).

Please let us know of your interest by completing the Schedule Request Form.