Writer’s Stylus helps teachers develop writers—effective communicators who know far more than just how and where to use commas and quotation marks.

The three traits of effective writing instruction characterize the Writer’s Stylus program:

1. Authenticity

Effective instructional writing programs actually teach students how to write well. Many programs drill mechanics and emphasize grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. While those are important, Writer’s Stylus engages students in using these elements within meaningful writing. Actual writing becomes the basis for revision and improvement as students apply knowledge of grammatical elements and quality writing to meaningful expressions of their own thoughts.

2. Integration

Effective instructional writing programs provide complete instruction. Research reveals that anything taught in isolation—that is, apart from the context in which it has influence—prevents transfer of that knowledge to actual practice because students become accustomed to only using the knowledge or skills within the classroom context. Writer’s Stylus connects all concepts and skills to actual student writing, integrating instruction and practice and empowering transfer to widened contexts.

3. Teacher Expertise

Effective instructional writing programs are taught by effective writing teachers.
What makes a writing teacher effective?

• effective writing teachers can produce quality writing themselves
• effective writing teachers can coach other writers to improved results
• effective writing teachers can accurately assess writing and identify elements of excellence and potential improvement
• effective writing teachers use effective combinations of sound instructional methods

Successful writing instruction requires teachers who are well-equipped to teach writing—those who know how to craft writing themselves and know how to guide young writers to such practice. The teacher, not any textbook or materials, makes the difference. Writer’s Stylus equips teachers to develop young writers, not just students with adequate writing skills.