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In Writer’s Stylus, the writing process is clear and structured. Mechanics, revision, and genre are interconnected within every unit so students understand grammar in context. Checklists and rubrics focus teachers, make learning transparent, and hold students accountable. Writing exemplars show students what well-crafted writing accomplishes and how. A prewriting process is directed by idea organizers. And finally, developing writers are coached by teachers who understand their role as editors. Writer’s Stylus is a uniquely powerful, transformational process for teachers and students.

Writer’s Stylus Basic Course is a 3-1/2 day course. The first three days, class will meet from 9AM – 4PM. The last day, class will meet from 9AM – 12PM. 

Pre-course registration enables your school to process Title Funds before the end of the year and reserve places for your participants. 

Glimpse ways our 2023 attendees said the Writer’s Stylus course energized and encouraged them:

Every aspect of this program makes sense. I am excited to use the modeling/coaching and rubric information not only in writing but throughout my academic day. —Cynthia

This course gives clear direction and the many resources will be a huge help in my classroom. I can’t wait to use the rubrics that are customized for each skill/concept/grade level; they will clearly guide expectations for our students. —Lisa

I loved working on my paper each night to improve it. My coach gave me one macro suggestion that propelled my paper forward. I hope I can be this effective with my students.—Natalie


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