Course Components


Course Components

Writer’s Stylus course participants experience the instruction their students will experience. Here is a brief visual overview of course/program highlights and some recent participant testimonials. (no audio)


Acquaintance and Analysis | Participants begin each day with Acquaintance and Analysis, a time where they are exposed to exemplary writing and challenged to identify what authors do to communicate effectively and powerfully.

Writing on Demand | Early in the event, all participants are given a writing assignment, because the only way to learn how to write well, is to write.

Direct Instruction | At various points throughout the course, participants receive direct instruction that explains and demonstrates practices that can improve their writing. This component includes a focused look at revision skill checklists with an explanation of how mechanics instruction provides students with the grammatical knowledge required to master revision skills.

Coaching | Soon, participants experience a Coaching segment where interaction is personalized and each blossoming writer becomes empowered to achieve at the highest levels.

Presentation | And finally, in one of the most moving experiences of the week, participants celebrate their learning; without exception, several writers volunteer to read their crafted compositions to the group. These improved essays reveal stunning growth, and teachers recognize how effective the instruction can be in developing young writers.