Course Description


Course Description

The Writer’s Stylus Basic Course is a prerequisite for Writer’s Stylus program implementation. It is a highly interactive, three and one-half day professional development event in instructional writing for school leaders and K-12 teachers of all academic disciplines. Participants undergo a transformation, both personally and professionally, as they experience the teaching methods they will use with students.

Graduate credit through a fully accredited institution is available for all interested participants. Topics covered during this five-day instructional writing course include:

What Are We Teaching and Why? Participants explore differences between what is often assumed to constitute writing instruction and what knowledge, understandings, and abilities that actually contribute to writing success.

A Revised Writing Process Drafting Less, Editing More

Revising Writing Making Waves of Improvement

Coaching Optimizing Student Writing Achievement

Instruction Teaching the Right Skills the Right Way

Instructional Design Developing a Holistic Program