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Schedule a Course

The Writer’s Stylus Basic Course is a 3-1/2 day professional development event. It is hosted as either an:

ON-SITE event for a school’s entire staff, or a

NETWORK event for individuals from several schools/organizations to train together in one location.

Pre-course work (approximately 3 hours) and attendance during the first three days is required for all participants. The last half day is open to all participants, but attendance is required only for teachers of Writing and English. Participants earn four CEUs upon successful course completion.
This course certifies each participant to implement Writer’s Stylus in his/her classroom. It does not certify participants to lead a Writer’s Stylus Course.


COURSE FEE | $8,500

This fee includes registration for up to 30 participants and ALL instructor expenses. An additional $35 per participant materials fee is required. Please note: an extra fee will apply for more than 30 participants.


Please complete the Schedule Request Form if you would like to schedule a course at your school or schedule a network event in your area.