In what ways has Writer’s Stylus energized you, encouraging your own learning, growth, and improvement?

Having the opportunity to struggle through a writing assignment is a good reminder of the feelings students have at different stages of the process.

I feel that I successfully wrote a meaningful essay!

Writing has always been intimidating for me. This course has given me more confidence in how to approach and teach it.

It has shown me how much to value the students’ performance.

Writer’s Stylus gives you the tools for how to avoid the “here’s your rough draft; see if there’s anything you want to change” method.

I have never been excited about writing. This process has made me take pride in my work. I get excited about making changes.

I loved seeing how my own writing improved through the process. This growth is energizing and I can’t wait until my students feel this same momentum.

Writer’s Stylus has given me the confidence needed in my writing. Having [colleagues] tell me I wrote well was key, especially when teachers have told me I was bad.

I feel so much better equipped to recognize good writing, to write more clearly, and to direct or coach students toward improving their own writing.

My writing has been very formal for graduate school, term papers, etc. up to this point. My draft was as stiff as a cardboard flag trying desperately to wave in the breeze. Writer’s Stylus has opened up the wonderful world of writing to me. The training has been life-changing.

Writer’s Stylus has awakened my sleeping grammar skills. I am excited about looking for Acquaintance & Analysis articles to being my lessons in Biology.

And I say, how could [this course] not energize you!? I feel I am so fortunate to get this opportunity.

As a first year teacher, I believe that I have found the missing link in my instruction practices.

It has helped me organize some more efficient ways to incorporate writing in my math class.

Now I feel more competent in teaching the writing process. Thank you for making this personal!

I loved the coaching. With a structure, I can really make progress with each student.

I am excited about thinking of grammar instruction in a more meaningful way, and can’t wait to see my students’ response and growth as writers and thinkers.

Writing a personal essay was the highlight of the week for me. Revising using the Micro checklist was useful and enabled me to grow as a writer and a teacher.

This renewed my love of writing and appreciation for the written work of others.

As a high school teacher I often find writing workshops are geared toward elementary or middle school teachers. This workshop had something for everyone.


What new ideas have you gained from the Writer’s Stylus course?

I have a new way to look at writing. I wish I had been through this before college.

“If you don’t teach macro and micro revisions, grammar is useless.” Ah-ha! There’s the missing link in my school’s curriculum!

What a successful coaching session looks like

Making sure my students can go beyond identification and move toward application of skills in their writing.

The visioning process really helps give a manageable start to conquering the ominous “blank page.”

A new approach to grammar and mechanics.

I love the piece we’ve been missing — scope and sequence of mechanics!

The idea of being consistent with the Acquaintance and Analysis and exposing [students] to great writing.

More modeling, less explaining.

Getting my students to write on a daily basis.

The items on the bottom of the Ladder of Abstraction will help to strengthen and improve students’ writing.

Changing sentence structure for impact and power!

I like the Blueprint approach to planning.

How to plan a unit of writing.

That you can and should incorporate writing in different subjects. Students will only increase their knowledge of any subject if we implement this program in our classrooms.


How does Writer’s Stylus fit with your organization’s vision, values, and purpose?

Writer’s Stylus prepares students to be beneficial to society — to have a voice.

As Christian educators our goal is to create knowledgeable and competent disciples for Christ. One way we achieve this goal is by being able to effectively express ourselves. This program contributes to that goal!

It is student-centered and purposeful.

The student-centered, positive approach to instruction is right on.

I believe our greatest desire is to produce a well-rounded student. If we all work together a student will leave [our school] with the tools to succeed anywhere. Writer’s Stylus is the most comprehensive program to achieve this goal.

I think it fits well because we strive for a progressive model of teaching writing across grade levels and departments.

Fostering relationships with students through conferencing and learning their needs.


What additional services and/or tools could Clerestory Learning provide that would assist you and/your organization in successfully implementing Writer’s Stylus?

Help find more pieces to use in Acquaintance and Analysis. This is will be the biggest challenge for me — finding quality writing to use as examples.

Videos of real teacher-student interaction.

Links to other resources to help teach mechanics.

Thank you for all the materials!

Stop by our classrooms unannounced to evaluate our processes. This will keep me on my toes!

The services and tools you already have on the website are awesome.


What additional thoughts regarding your Writer’s Stylus course experience would you like us to know?

Fantastic Week! Amazing, brilliant work!

I dreaded coming (because of my “fear” of writing), but I actually really enjoyed the course. I can see a difference especially in my ability to analyze writing.

Great experience! I believe I’ve grown personally and professionally.

May I suggest that you emphasize from the first day that you have incredible resources to assist/guide teachers all the way. This will help hesitant/skeptic instructors. PS: I cannot believe I am looking forward to revisions! Seriously?! Yes!

Thank you for your passion and ability to share it with our faculty.

I loved this class — loved the energy, enthusiasm and the organization!

I appreciated the organization of the week and thank you for inspiring me to reach for the next level. I do feel energized.

My tank is on full and I’m ready to start creating!

I was so excited to see the tools online and our workbook was so clear and easy to grasp the ideas.

Thank you for giving me a “shining moment” by praising something I did — reinforces how empowering “feeling special” is.

You’ve given us a rewarding week filled with information, instructional guidelines, and tips. The Architecture of Learning format of the Writer’s Stylus course helps anchor the concepts you were teaching. You were most entertaining…Thank you for all the work that you put into the program. It WILL change lives — mine already has.

Thank you for reminding me why we teach. It’s important not only to impart knowledge of our own individual subjects, but to impart the love of knowledge.

I have been teaching for 30+ years. I am excited to walk into my classroom in August with the same enthusiasm as my first day of teaching. Thanks to Kevin Washburn and the Writer’s Stylus Program.


Implementation Testimonial 

Here is a brief note recently received from a summer regional course participant who is strategically introducing the program to various grade levels.

I was given thirty minutes a week in first and second grade, forty-five minutes once a week in third and fourth, and forty-five minutes twice a week (but only one quarter) for fifth grade. My goal was to: introduce one genre/revision skill a quarter to 1-4 grades, get the students excited about writing, and get the teachers behind the program. To that end, Writer’s Stylus has been a huge success! In fifth grade, I only have students for one quarter—I take two of their library days during the quarter they have library. In that class, I introduce six genres and one revision skill. The students choose one genre in which to write and we spend the rest of the quarter pre-writing and revising. It has been AMAZING! The students love writing and classroom teachers are already noticing improvement. Even better, many teachers have requested instruction…


In what ways has Writer’s Stylus energized you, encouraging your own learning, growth, and improvement?

This course improved my writing, energized me for the next school year, and made me want to learn more.

It has me excited about teaching writing by incorporating mechanics instead of [teaching them] separately.

It has made me aware of good writing by giving me examples.

It gives methods on how to teach writing; it applies all that grammar!

I love how structured and encouraging the program is.

I enjoyed seeing how much my own paper improved after coaching and revising.

I was able to participate as a learner, understanding better what helped me write more effectively.

I have rediscovered my own love of writing and cannot wait to convey this enthusiasm.

It gave me fresh insight into why teaching writing is so important.

It made me want to become a better writer so that I can, in turn, better help my students.

Writer’s Stylus has energized me to write more with my students and has given me the tools to know how to write. Wow! The training has been great.

Writer’s Stylus has equipped me with identifying the key revision skills essential to developing good writers.

I wish that I had received your instruction while a student myself.

The freshness of this approach in teaching composition is energizing.

I’m motivated to write more for my own growth and learning!


What new ideas have you gained from the Writer’s Stylus course?

The development of a vision statement and its usefulness

The necessity of steps when working through revisions

The assessment standards for coaching

Focusing on one revision skill at a time

The connection of mechanics to actual writing

It is a less nebulous process than I’ve always thought it to be.

I now view revision as a key element in the writing process.

People learn better when they write well.

Revision isn’t proofreading.

I have to be exposed to many new writing skills that I hope to teach.

Begin with authentic praise and end on a positive note while coaching.


How does Writer’s Stylus fit with your organization’s vision, values, and purpose?

This program builds…gives us the resources we need to make our students independent writers and revisers.

The way it follows a progression from grade to grade and across the curriculum…The goal of helping the student write and self-edit is awesome.

We want students who can communicate effectively through writing, and this program is guiding us in that direction.

We hope to provide students with the skills they need for college and beyond.

Teach by guiding and supporting, not by telling and grading.

Writer’s Stylus will ensure all students get the individual attention they need…

…Writer’s Stylus methods treat each child with value and care, preparing them for their best.

Writer’s Stylus is a nice fit for my vision and purpose as an English teacher…I want to develop students who think as they write.

It fits well into our school’s commitment to provide the best instruction possible, even if that means changing the way we have always done it.

Preparing students to communicate effectively is part of of our overall vision, so Writer’s Stylus is a perfect fit!


What additional services and/or tools could Clerestory Learning provide that would assist you and/your organization in successfully implementing Writer’s Stylus?

Many, many samples of writing

Completed rubrics is a gift already!

Passages for reading and revising.

Love the website!

Brief pieces of literature from various genres

Any kind of visuals that can be used in the classroom, such as rubrics or revision skills in poster form could be helpful.

A blog [forum] for teachers to discuss successful strategies.

Writing samples from students who have gone through the program


What additional thoughts regarding your Writer’s Stylus course experience would you like us to know?

I feel valued and significant. I believe I can improve my own writing now with clarity.

Excellent course! The training was thorough and helpful.

I truly enjoyed Writer’s Stylus. It was an enlightening experience that allowed me to view writing instruction in a new way.

…designed for success.

Exemplary training! Thank you!

Love your enthusiasm and passion for writing/teaching others to write!

The class included many hands-on activities which works well for visual learners like myself.

Your passion about writing…great writing, made me want to learn about it and become a better writer.

Thank you for your sincere enthusiasm and endless patience.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the challenge it has set before me. I am anticipating good things!